Membership Regulation

  • A form prescribed by the Council for the applicant to fill in their particulars .

  • All applications for membership shall be submitted to and considered by the Council. The Council shall have the rights without stating any reason to accept or reject the application for membership. The Secretary shall notify in writing any applicant of the Council’s decision on one’s application. The membership is deemed valid only when all fees has been received and shall be entitled to all the privileges of membership.

  • The Secretary shall enter the particulars of each member in the register of the members upon admission to membership.

  • On becoming a Member, the Member shall inform the Secretary in writing the name of the person or persons who will act as its authorized permanent and /or alternate representative for receipt of correspondences, to attend meetings and exercise powers on behalf of the Member, and in the case of Ordinary Members, to vote on behalf of the Ordinary Member.

  • A Member may replace its authorized representative and/ or its alternate form time to time by notice in writing to the Association.

  • Ordinary Members shall be entitled to print on their stationery and advertising material the Association logo on all occasions describing themselves as ‘Member of the Malaysian Mobile Content Providers Association’.

  • No Ordinary Member shall be permitted to publish any office he may hold or have held in the Association on his companies’ letterhead except in the conduct of the internal affairs of the Association.

  • Upon the expiry of the calendar year in which the applicant is admitted as a Member, the annual subscription shall be payable to the Association in advance within thirty (30) days of the beginning of each calendar year as may be determined by the Council.

Admission to Membership