Why Join MMCP ?

Why Join MMCP?

The Malaysian Mobile Content Providers Association is dedicated to represent the voice of mobile content industry to support the growth in Malaysia’s mobile content market, while at the same time encouraging alliances with the industry stakeholders which include regulators and mobile operators (Celcos) and other related bodies in order to effectively serve the industry with exceptional creative content and services.

  • Able to SHARE updated information of mobile content services, especially on guidelines and industry.

  • Able to agree on a SINGLE VOICE out on any issues that could be brought forward during the Task Force meeting held with MCMC, Telco’s and CFM resulting in more EARS.

  • Clear GUIDELINES and ADVICE from association on how to best run healthy mobile content services, at the same time ensuring regulations are followed closely.

  • Monthly industry gatherings and NETWORKING with most of the main content players.

  • Suggestions, complaints and feedback from members are passed through MMCP to be CONVEYED to any parties involved.

  • MMCP holds more weight when discussing with all other parties as we REPRESENT the industry.

  • ACCESS TO INFORMATION ON EVENTS and gatherings organised by industry peers such as Mobile Monday, MSC (MDEC), Go-Mobile and other organizations.

  • STREAMLINED customer complaints.

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Industry Statistics

  • There are currently over 500+ ASP license class holders under MCMC, of which not all are involved in the mobile content industry.

  • Latest statistics from Telco’s show there are currently around 140 to 155 Content Providers (CP’s) in Malaysia, of which all needs to possess updated ASP license.

  • However, only 30 CP’s are currently members of MMCP, a representation of only 21% of the total industry.