If your company is an ASP License Class Holder, we would recommend that you join MMCP as a full member, especially if your products & services is related to mobile content.
  • It costs RM 2,500/year for Ordinary Memberships (excluding one-time non-refundable entrance fee of RM 1,000 for registration).
  • It would costs RM 500/year for Associate Membership (excluding one-time non-refundable entrance fee of RM 250 for registration).
Ordinary and Associate Memberships share the same privileges, however Associate members are not allowed to vote during the Annual General Meeting (AGM).
  • The council meeting is held once-a-month to discuss and resolve issues at hand.
  • Discussions with members are held once-every-quarter to update on the progress of the association. Alternatively email updates are sent out almost every week to update members regularly.
  • Discussion with regulators (MCMC) is held at least 6 to 12 times a year to discuss on industry wide issues.
  • Discussion with MNOs is held at least once-every-quarter.
MMCP has experience in dealing with a wide range of issues and problems related to the industry. Of course we would need to understand and define the problem solving involved. We will make sure that we involved as many parties as possible to find a solution to any prevailing issues which arise from time to time.
There are three main types of message which are free marketing messages, premium messages and SPAM texts. Each of these can be seen at the link provided. (Click here to view)
There are two options to deal when it comes to spam messages, first option is to report it to your network provider or to call your Telco’s customer service and check with them how to stop the spam message. The second option is to report it to MCMC or CFM. They can look at texts sent within Malaysia or on behalf on a Malaysian company. MCMC and CFM are keen to hear about either calls or texts that describe a specific event or injury that has actually happened to you.
  • To stop SMS Service, send STOP KEYWORD to 5-digit number.
  • To stop all SMS Service, send STOP ALL to 5-digit number.
  • To contact content provider, send HELP to 5-digit number.